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We are a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to providing opportunities and exposure for environmental artists, designers and educators, serving as a free public hub for environmental  information and resources, and making environmental education more accessible to the wider society through a continuing series of community-based art exhibitions and educational programs..

Opportunities to learn: Spring & Summer 2023 upcoming courses
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Stone building

Stone is the sturdiest of all natural building materials. Today magnificent, centuries old constructions continue to serve our needs and evoke our admiration. Man has always used stone to create shelter, manage soil erosion, construct fences… more..

Earthen Plasters

Improve the aesthetics, acoustics and air quality of your home, using clay plasters. Clay is a building material that has been used by humans for millennia and its inherent properties help us create healthy living environments…more..
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Straw House

In this 10 day intensive workshop we will learn how natural, unprocessed materials such as wood, straw, clay and sand can be transformed into a beautiful, fully functional, healthy, safe, affordable and durable house, designed to offer an exceptional living environment.. more..


Learn about the universe that exists below our feet and how to create it. Soil is the foundation of any ecosystem whether natural or man made. A healthy soil enables us to ensure high crop yielding, protection from infections and parasites, ground water recharge.. more..