Our mission… 

ecoart was founded in 2004 with the scope to amplify environmental consciousness through the arts. Since then it operates the 3,14 ecoart gallery, a context gallery that holds solo and annual group shows on biocentric issues. Encompassing all media, it has become an actual spectroscope of contemporary environmental art. 3,14 ecoart gallery’s  curatorial line regards the art making process as a human activity that requires new principles, thus invites artists to functionally and conceptually reposition themselves, re-evaluate their works environmental cost and consequently reconsider their choice of medium and technique.

Entering probably its most substantial phase, ecoart initiated a series of sci-art and community collaborations in 2008. The common objective is application of scientific knowledge and innovation along with traditional land care practices into artistic practice in order to create new ecosystems, explore the possibilities of sustainable development and set an environmental standard for future societies. The merging of land art, environmental engineering, vernacular architecture and organic agriculture has produced the ecoart farm. Ecoart farm, our first born, is a work that can be viewed, walked, smelled, breathed and many more.

In 2009 ecoart launched its educational program its primary focus being environmental design and management. Taking small and stable steps, our goal is to develop an educational protocol for the ecoartist, a title that can characterize any person that actively engages in the making of a healthy, abundant world for all living creatures.