Stamatina Palmou

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Installation & Performance
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The Spiral Jetty Revised, Lefkas, Greece 2007- ongoing
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The Spiral Jetty Revised is an ecoart installation dealing with the concept of food production and furthermore aiming at the aesthetic and environmental restoration of an overgrazed piece of land. It is designed to function as a diverse orchard, water harvesting system and soil generator while providing tangible stimuli for all the senses in a space where one can see, breath, smell, walk, rest, eat, contemplate and be inspired on the multiple forms of the inseparable connection between humans and nature.
Daphne and Apollo, Athens, Greece 2009-ongoing
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Daphne and Apollo is an ecoart installation in the heart of Athens. It links the old with the contemporary modernism on a conceptual level by bridging the new Acropolis Museum with Sigrou Avenue both landmarks of their own era. The material chosen is Laurus nobilis, an evergreen sclerophyll charged with symbolic values regarding the struggle nature (Daphne) to survive the conquer of the human intellect (Apollo). Material selection is mainly based on Laurus nobilis enhanced abilities to withstand environmental stress as drought, air pollution, heat and wind while purifying the polluted urban air.
Creek Pool, Athamania, Epirus, Greece 2015-ongoing
Creek Natural Pool is a seasonal ecoart installation that seeks to create wildlife and human habitat, optimally while managing natural resources for harvest. It consists of a) a small scale rock gabion, built to decrease water velocity and increase water body, surface and depth b) clay traps to capture material for building uses and c) gravel and sand trails to facilitate access. All materials were sourced on site, actually rearranged by hand to create the work, no machinery used.

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Artist bio
Stamatina Palmou is a Swiss/Greek based environmental artist and curator. She formally studied Photography (DipHE & BA Honours Photography, Middlesex University) and Art Psychotherapy (MSc Foundation, Art Psychotherapy, Hellenic Art Psychotherapy Center) before pursuing informal and self studies in the field of ecology, environmental management and planning. The body of her work functions within the frame of the Social Sculpture and employs various media such as installation, performance, photography, and design. Stamatina seeks to generate a symbiotic, solution orientated mindset towards the environmental, economic and social issues of our time. The result of her grafted practice is a diverse spectrum of works from earthen buildings to urban forest interventions and from exhibitions to agricultural landscapes.
Agricultural Science Institute, Athens, Greece
Agricultural Science Institute, Athens, Greece
Hellenic Art Psychotherapy Centre, Athens, Greece
MA Foundation, Art Psychotherapy
Middlessex University, Athens, Greece
BA Honours, Photography
Middlessex University, Athens, Greece
DipHE, Photography
Creek Pool, Athamania, Epirus, Greece
Food and Shelter,
Ecoart Farm, Lefkas, Greece

Daphne and Apollo, Lembesi & Makrygianni st, Acropolis, Athens, Greece
The Spiral Jetty Revised, Ecoart Farm, Lefkas, Greece
Chapel and Cave,
Ecoart Farm, Lefkas, Greece
Selected Exhibitions
Morphogenesis, European Space Agency, Noordwijk, The Netherlands
365, Give Hope Foundation, Athens, Greece
Daphne and Apollo, 3,14 ecoart Gallery, Athens, Greece
Purity, 3,14 ecoart Gallery, Lefkas, Greece
Platforms Project, Nikos Kessanlis Hall, Athens School of Fine Arts, Athens, Greece
Our Summerhouse in Utopia, Agora Argyri, Patras, Greece
1357.74km, Maxx Project Space, Sierre, Switzerland
Peri Erotismou, Eos Gallery, Athens, Greece
Betweenthelines, Beton 7 Gallery, Athens, Greece
Agora, Sofokleous Stock Exchange, Athens Biennale, Athens, Greece
TV Off, Monodrome, Diplareios School , Athens Biennale, Athens, Greece
Utopia, Orizontas, Athens, Greece
Is this Art? Greek Archaeologists Union Hall, Athens, Greece
Urban Forest Prologue, Booze Coopoerativa , Athens, Greece
This time we won’t forget, Maison de Grece, Paris, France
40 Greek Visual Artists Draw inspiration from the Work of Mikis Theodorakis (Tour)
Antidiafimisi Festival, Bios, Athens , Greece
Pharmacolagnia, 3,14 ecoart Gallery, Athens, Greece
Prohibited, E.P.A.S.K.T. Exhibition Hall, Athens, Greece
40 Greek Visual Artists Draw inspiration by the Work of Mikis Theodorakis,
Theatre of Herodes Atticus, Athens, Greece
Polution, 3,14 ecoart Gallery & Eleftheri Ekfrasi Gallery, Athens Greece
IV Biennale des Arts de Tunis, Palais Kheiredine, Medina,Tunis
Ecoart 06, 3,14 ecoart Gallery, Athens, Greece
Exhibitions Curated

Journey to Aldebaran, painting by Charalambos Sourvinos, 3,14 ecoart Gallery, Athens, Greece
Protect the wild flowers, photography by Sophia Coucoulioti, 3,14 ecoart Gallery, Athens, Greece
Pharmacolagnia, group show, 3,14 ecoart Gallery, Athens, Greece
Plastic Plankton, Recycling art installation by Tia Bley, 3,14 ecoart Gallery, Athens, Greece (catalogue)
Summer 2007, Imprints by Antigone Kavvatha and Dorota Zglobicka, 3,14 ecoart Gallery, Athens, Greece
Pollution, group show, 3,14 ecoart Gallery & Eleftheri Ekfrasi Gallery, Athens, Greece
Psychotronic, video art by Constantinos Gazetopoulos, 3,14 ecoart Gallery, Athens, Greece
Ecosound, sound performance by Costas Karametros, 3,14 ecoart Gallery, Athens, Greece
Ecoart 06, group show, 3,14 ecoart Gallery, Athens, Greece
Ecoart 05, group show, 3,14 ecoart Gallery, Lefkas, Greece